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Fraternity Resources

Alcohol and Drugs 


Alcohol Module  

Alcohol Resources Handout  

Alcoholic Energy Drinks  

College Drinking Fact Sheet  

Definition of a Standard Drink  

Drug Resources Handout  

Caring For Someone Who Has Had Too Much to Drink  

Male BAC chart  

Female BAC chart  

Office of National Drug Control Policy Handout  



Health and Safety 


101 Non-Hazing Activities  

Alternatives to Hazing  

Bystander Intervention to Prevent Sexual Assault  

Date Rape Drugs  

H1N1 Recommendations  

Hazing Resources Handout  

How to Keep the Facility Safe  

Sexual Assault Resources Handout  

Suicide Prevention Resources  

Three Deadly Nights   

Water Features and Amusement Devices  


Fire Prevention 


Building Fire Safety  

Fire Prevention Resources  

Fraternity-Sorority Fires  

Simplex Grinnell Sprinkler Presentation  

Sprinkler Head Guards  

Top 10 Sprinkler Tips  


Event Planning                                                                                           


Bar Crawl Challenges  

Designated Driver Programs  

Distracted Driving  

Fifteen Passenger Vans  

Haunted House Flyer  

Party Themes  

Security Vendor Checklist  

Special Event Planning Outline  

Third Party Vendor Checklist  


Disaster Preparedness 


Earthquake What to Do's  

Flood Risk Mitigation  

Hurricane Preparedness  

Tornado Safety  

What You Should Know About Bedbugs  


Property Management  


A/C Start Up Checklist  

Are There Red Flags In Your Boiler Room?  

BPP Replacement Cost Inventory  

Business Income/Extra Expense Worksheet  

Boiler Maintenance  

Carbon Monoxide Flyer  

Contracts Checklist  

Dryer Vent Safety  

EPA Mold Guide  

Facility Inspection List  

House Director Best Practices  

House Director as Independent Contractor  

How Can I Protect My Stuff?  

Inspection Process  

Insuring to Proper Value  

Leave the Heat On  

Loss Mitigation Action Plan  

Mold Resource  

Reporting Your Claim Immediately  

Slips, Trips & Falls  

Summer Break Checklist  

The Risks of Dog Bites  

What To Do If I Have a Property Loss?  

Winter Break Checklist  


General Resources 


Chapter Website Guidelines  

Crisis Management Handout  

FIPG Risk Management Policy  

Insurance FAQs  

Insurance Terms  

Local vs. Inter/National Board Service  

Risk Management Module  

Sample Participant Release Form  

Sample Parent Brochure  

Sample Parent Letter  




For additional resources and educational materials, contact the  

Education Consultant at 1-800-736-4327 extension 4178 or edconsultant@willis.com    




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